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Nov 9

Read-only Raspberry PI with Jessie

A work-in-progress scratchpad to get Jessie up and running in RO mode. Get Jessie and copy it it to your SD card – you may have a problem extracting the file on Mac, for those instances do not use unzip but use the following:

Boot up, find out IP address from your router and

Sep 16

Very simple LIFX bulb control

As fellow LIFX users may know, there is yet to be an official API supporting easy to use locally-installable interface to control the bulbs. (The last part being important, as my internet connection leaves a lot to be desired). Over the course of LIFX firmware evolution, I have tried various different solutions – the at-the-time

Jan 4
OpenHAB lights demo

Advanced lighting effects development with OpenHAB

I have been a follower of OpenHAB for a while now and I would like to say that it is a very enjoyable and fulfilling journey. Furthermore, I believe that the ability to abstract over many of the hardware specifics is a necessity for any practical application – not even the best vendor can cover

Dec 25

VirtualBox + FreeNAS … an optimistic “maybe”

When I first heard that VirtualBox could be ran on a FreeNAS server, I was ecstatic. The idea of consolidating many of the little services onto one single machine was very enticing – less machines to manage UPS shutdown/power-on for, less network traffic and freeing-up of more computers to play with in my home lab!

May 20

MongoDB automated snapshot

WARNING: only use this if your database is small relative to your total storage – the mongodump create full snapshot every time it’s scheduled. See my previous post for MongoDB setup log. Add folder inside of the jail

Create folder on the NAS

Link the folders inside of the FreeNAS UI Set up

May 10

MongoDB with OpenHAB

This part describes how I configured my OpenHAB instance to use MongoDB as persistence backend. For configuration of MongoDB on my FreeNAS machine, see my previous post. Connect to the server and create openhab database with sensors collection (or any names you choose – just make sure you reflect your naming in further steps. Install

Apr 13

MongoDB in FreeNAS jail

This posts describes steps I took to get MongoDB running inside of a jail on my FreeNAS 9.1.1 setup. All commands issued from @freenas are from the main console, and @homeauto_database are from inside of the jail. This step provided me with a fully functional persistence backend for OpenHAB. Create port jail via FreeNAS UI

Nov 1

Convert multiple images into PDF using imagemagick’s convert

This one was quite a time-saver for me and a definite addition to the permanent toolkit. I’ve happened to have a set of images that I needed to merge into a PDF. Having done it using Preview app on the Mac before, I was looking if a better solution was there. And what an elegant

Oct 4

Local DISEMBL setup


I did get some errors due to malloc.h being deprecated on the Mac, however, disembl only needed sav_gol, which compiled without trouble. Next, move onto the disembl setup

Lastly, set correct paths to the neural net binary and savgol at the top of the script … and run! – I had

Oct 3

Local DISOPRED setup

NOTE: I am reproducing all the steps that I needed to get a working copy of DISOPRED on my machine. If you are a commercial user, you should pay attention to DISOPRED’s license files and get permission for its use before proceeding. Before we get to the actual DISOPRED setup, we need to install required